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Aquabio has set up a scheme called SHIFT (Sustainability and Health in Future Transport); the initiative will see Aquabio employees recording the distance cycled while commuting and for leisure.

For every kilometre cycled Aquabio will donate 2.5 pence to Sustrans, a charity that makes it easy for people to walk and cycle.

The website and mobile app Strava is used to keep track of the cumulative distance travelled by all employees.

The Company expects these activities to result in a healthier and happier Aquabio team; one link below also suggests smarter and sexier (?). This is a benefit to us all in the work environment, and hopefully has a positive impact on the projects we undertake, and the services provided to our Clients.

The scheme is an excellent demonstration of how individual actions, however small, working as part of a collective endeavour can have a notable impact. In this case a healthy donation to a charity which will further improve cycling infrastructure and encourage others to choose less polluting modes of transport. Feel free to share the story beyond the shores of Aquabio, and perhaps we can inspire others in a similar fashion. Every journey, no matter how small, will contribute to the team effort.

Aquabio also supports the Cycle to Work Scheme, where bikes and accessories can be provided by the Company through a salary sacrifice, providing a saving through tax on the equipment.


In the first 6 months of 2017 Aquabio cyclists have achieved a total of 17,707 km, raising £442.70 for Sustrans.


NameDistance (km)
Total17,707 km