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MBR and recycling

AMBR™, AMBR LE™ and AnMBR LE™ Effluent Treatment and Reuse Projects

ProjectFFT (m 3 /d)IndustryRe-UseRe-Use %
Kanes Foods #11200FoodFood production0.65
Golden West Foods200Food
Bourne Salads1200FoodFood production0.4
Robertsons Preserves600Fruit
Simon Storage #1600ChemicalBoiler0.4
General Mills (USA)1900FoodBoiler0.5
G’s Beetroot140FoodFood production0.65
DEFRA Watchtree75Leachate
Muntons Malt40MaltingMalting process0.7
Greenergy Biofuels100Biofuels
Unilever Marmite600FoodBoilers / CIP0.45
Simpsons Malt1400MaltingMalting process0.45
Kanes Foods #21400FoodFood production0.43
SI Group400Chemical
SLG Technology1200Tannery
Simon Storage #2600Chemical
Tilmanstone Foods1400FoodFood production0.75
Bairds Malt660MaltingMalting process0.74
Shepherd Neame960BreweryBoilers / CIP0.42
Wyke Farms600DairyBoilers / CIP0.6
Chivas Imperial Distillery720Distillery
Butchers Petcare450Pet Food
Dairy Crest3600DairyBoilers / CIP0.42
Glenlivet Distillery1200Distillery
Glenmorangie Distillery450Distillery
Cucina Sano600FoodFood production0.85